H2oNet Product Range

H2oNet provide a range of Primayer telemetry data logging products the management of water network systems in South Africa. In addition H2oNet has a range of additional products for Sewer & CSO flow as well as Instrumentation Sensors for determining the extent of oil in water.


Leak Detection

Flow Meters & Sensors

 water flow products  Hykron®  water flow meter products  PrimeFlo-T®
 water flow meter products  Mikron®  water flow meter products  PrimeProbe2®
   Phocus2®    Instrumentation Sensors
   Phocus SMS®
   Phocus HR®

Leak Location

Sewer & CSO Flow

   Eureka 3®    FlowShark®
   Eureka Digital®    Hawkeye2 is®
   Enigma®    Profile®
 water flow meter products  Enigma HyQ®

Data Logging

Pipe & Cable Locators

   PrimeLog+®    C.Scope® CXL & DXL
   XiLog+®    C.Scope® MXL
   XiLogEco®    C.Scope® Accessories
   PrimeWorks®    C.Scope® Metal Cover Locator
   XMS Data Service®