Phocus sms


Phocus sms® is designed for use in detecting and isolating leakage on water network systems. This acoustic logger has a remote alarm facility that sends sms packets to a host PC or to a mobile phone.

Phocus.sms is an intelligent acoustic logger which detects the noise generated by a water leak. The logger samples pipeline noise at one second intervals during each of three sample periods (termed epochs) during the
night when background acoustic noise is lowest. It carries out statistical analysis on each of the three epochs to determine the Leakage Confidence Factor. If this is high then an alarm message is transmitted via a SMS message. The alarm message also includes the lowest leak noise amplitude measured, termed the Critical Noise Value. This value is important as a measure of how close to the leak the Phocus.sms logger is situated.


Instant 24/7 alarms – cut leak-time ‘runs’
Reduces false alarms by taking three readings overnight – separates genuine use from leakage
The Phocus noise algorithm which reduces the incidence of undetected leaks
No site checks required – reduces manpower costs
On-site leakage indication
Regular ‘health checkup’ reports


phocus sms

Phocus sms Operation:
Phocus sms® automatically identifies the presence of a leak. It gives visual indication of  leak noise strength and provides confidence factor and also provides rapid leak alarm to a mobile phone or PC.

phocus sms